We’ve Been Eating Bread For Centuries- Why The Hate Now?

The bread, pasta, and baked goods our great grand parents ate is not the bread we eat today.

“To create lighter, fluffier forms of bread and to create a heartier strain of wheat, farmers and corporations have developed new hybrid seeds for new strains of wheat… this created new forms of gluten- (new forms of proteins) that our bodies do not recognize… Our bodies have not evolved as quickly as the newly developed wheat and they simply do not know how to respond to these new proteins.”

– Amy Myers MD The Autoimmune solution


Don’t eat it. It attacks the body like a mad, young fantasy king.  These new strains of engineered proteins are, in Myers’ findings, at the root of all inflammatory conditions in the body.  If you stop eating modern made bread products you will feel relief from a host of issues including- muscle and joint pain, sinus blockage and stuffy nose, bloating, head aches, sluggishness, indigestion, weight gain, and others.

Okay. Bread is the primary conveyor of pretty much all food in our country.  Sandwiches, pizza, pancakes, burritos, and pasta are the i-beams of most meals.  Take them away and you have no actual meal, just ingredients.  What to do…

We can cry rainbows about this…  brooklyn-street-art-lister-los-angeles-08-11-web

Or- we can join the revolution of how food is served and eaten in our country so that whole meals are consumed in ways that are good for us.

Other forms of food conveyance include– Lettuce, avocado halves, home made flax crackers,  cauliflower crusts, zuccini noodles, or what about just plane ol’ bowls and plates?  Join the revolution.  Help take down the wheat gluten GMO industry that is making our country fat and sick.  Like all new things, there is a discomfort zone to cross with making changes.  Soldier up and defend your health against corporate industries who care nothing about nutrition.

I believe in you, people.  If I saw you on the street I’d tell you so.


  • Lettuce Wrap

    Lettuce Wrap

  • Flax Cracker sandwich

    Flax Cracker sandwich

  • Avocado shrimp louie

    Avocado shrimp louie