Power Animal Study Group

Online Power Animal Study Group

Power Animal Study Group
Power Animal Study Group

Ask your Animal Spirit Guides!  Bring a question to the compassionate, courageous community of healers and share your insight.

Receive messages from your Spiritual Guides. Interacting with animals is an invitation into the timeless, shamanic dimensions which is also known as the Now.   Many people have sorrow in their hearts because of how human society has disconnected from the animal nations.  Deep within we can all feel a lost connection with the Bear, the Mountain Lion, and all our other Four Legged relatives.  But the connection is not lost!  It has just shifted to the metaphysical dimension and can be brought back into a daily physical relationship.

Reclaim your ancient indigenous wisdom and meditate with the animal nations.  Learn how to weave the natural world into your urban lifestyle even more. Is there a whale swimming through your dreams?  Does the Crow caw after you as you walk to the coffee shop?  What are they saying?  And how can we answer them?  Join the Power Animal Study Group and learn the language of Animal Spirit Guides.

  • Lectures on specific Power Animals
  • Personal and group work using cards, writing prompts, and conversation to discover how Power Animals relates to each person’s unique question.


SKILL LEVEL          Anyone over the age of 18

COST                          $30 for one workshop; $100 for a set of 4

  • Receive 20% off a private session when you sign up for a set of 4 workshops.

Date and Time       Sundays at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time

Please consult this TIME ZONE CONVERTER and enter Los Angeles to confirm the time differences.

Location                   Urban Healers of LA

  • Online using the ZOOM video conferencing platform.  Please install Zoom for free on your computer.  Upon confirmation, you will  receive a link via email inviting you to the meeting.  

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Hi, I’m Jess!  I believe that the tools for navigating through the stress of life should be affordable and available when you need help most. I have been studying the alternative healing arts since 1992.  Over several decades I have discovered and developed practical tools for healing depression and locating inner guidance.

I teach people how to access and develop affordable introspective tools for insight, intuition, and self-empowerment.  My workshops are a fun and inspiring way to learn, grow and improve any situation.

I am a red belt in Pa Kua Martial Arts as well as a KRI, certified Kundalini Yoga instructor who has also trained in the Awareness Center Healing Breath technique for releasing trauma.  I’ve studied somatic healing methods all over the country since 1992 with Cyndi Dale,  Peter Levine,  Cheri Huber,  Jay Earley, and Stephan Hausner.  I also study Lakota ceremony teachings with the Descendants of the Earth community.  I have studied Family Constellation work with Stephan Hausner and the art of card reading at the Omega Institute with Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer.  

It is my great passion to help people introspect and locate personal power to achieve life goals.  It would be an honor to work with you and be a part of your self-empowering journey.