Life Guidance – Alternative Medicine Resource

Life Guidance – Alternative Medicine Resource

I work with people in-person, by phone, or video

I offer sessions in Chinese Reike, I Ching readings, and Power Animal life guidance by phone, in person or online.

The I Ching is an ancient tool for introspection which is famous for its uncanny accuracy of insight into any life situation.  Practiced by millions for centuries, it is well known that two major Nobel prize-winning scientists used the I Ching as a resource in their research.

Based on the 8 trigrams of the Pa Kua symbol, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching offer profound and practical guidance and clarity.

In this session we will discuss the issue you would like to work with, formulate a constructive question to ask the I Ching and then create your hexagram using the traditional method of three pennies tossed six times.

Discover the energies at play in your current life situation and gain insight into how to navigate the people and obstacles involved to achieve your goals.

This session can occur in-person, by phone, or video.

Chi’en Chi Kua, also known as Chinese Reike, is less well-known and differs quite a bit from the more common Japanese approach to Reike.  The Chinese method of Reike recognizes that you are your own best healing source and that anyone assisting you on your healing journey serves you best by becoming an empty, reflective space for you to discover your own path through the challenge.  In this session, the practitioner becomes a hollow channel to receive and transfer Sky energy to the recipient.

Sky energy is also known as the Field in science or the morphogenic field.  This is the intangible connective fabric we all live in and where all answers can be found.  Accessing Sky energy in a Chi’en Chi Kua session moves old patterns of thought and emotion and brings new awareness to the recipient.

In this session we will discuss the issue you would like to address and then you will become comfortable on a massage table to receive the energy healing.  We will then discuss the session afterward and discover the messages and suggestions that were received by both the practitioner and the receiver of Sky energy.

This session can only occur in-person in Los Angeles.

Everyone was born with 9 Animal Spirit Guides who are life companions available for insight at any time.  Working with personal power animal guides is a fun, creative way to develop intuition and reconnect with the natural world.  Our animal relatives are our teachers and our friends.  When we meditate on the form and gifts of the animal kingdom, we learn about ourselves, our world, and how we are all connected.

In this reading, we conduct a ceremony to call on 7 of your 9 Animal Spirit guides.  Working with the Animal Medicine card deck written by Jamie Sams and David Carson, we will also place questions in your reading to discover how your guides can assist you in current life situations.

  • This reading is only done once in your life.  Like your astrological birth sign, your Animal Totem never changes.  We will create a permanent document for you to keep for your records.

This reading is only offered in-person in Los Angeles, California.

To learn more about Power Animals visit my blog: Otter On A Rock


Single 1hr session: $80

These sessions involve relaxed, easy conversation as well as working with visual symbols of healing card decks and other tools for introspection.  In this meeting, we investigate a specific life challenge and we find practical steps towards improving a situation.

If you would like our meeting to be by video, please download the Zoom application.  It is a free video chat service similar to but more secure than skype.  Download Zoom.

I live in Los Angeles, California. If you do not live in pacific standard time please use this TIME ZONE CONVERTER to make sure your appointment time is correct.