Card Reading Workshop: OCTOBER 18th

At 3pm in Glendale, CA


Card reading isn’t just for gypsies any more!  It has become one of the most effective, affordable and enjoyable life guidance tools available today.  It can save hundreds of dollars in therapy.  Through the use of symbols and engaging conversation, explore hidden thoughts and feelings and improve communication with all the people in your life, including yourself!


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In this workshop we will practice:

-how to focus questions in a constructive way- the question you ask determine the answer you get.  We want useful answers so that starts with shaping constructive questions.

-how to interpret the cards meanings based on a specific personal situation

-how to offer insight to others based on the animal symbols they draw

-how to work with different layouts and card spreads

We will give a brief teaching on the core principles of card reading that is found in every deck, then we will focus on the deck of your choice for the issue in your life you’d like to explore.