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JESSICA HAGAN is the founder and director of and the Urban Healers Meetup, a community space for healing arts workshops.

She believes that tools for navigating through the stress of life should be available and affordable when we need help most.

She discovered card reading in the early 90’s and found it to be a very practical tool for locating inner guidance.  She studied the art of card reading with Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer at the Omega Institute and has been teaching people how to use this elegant system of archetypes for over two decades.  Jessica is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher who also studied with energy healer Cyndi Dale since the age of 18.  Visit her card reading website where she blogs about Animal Spirit Guides and Native teachings.

Her personal journey through the wasteland of health care in America has prompted this website which she hopes will be a go-to resource for anyone in need.  The information here is all personally tested and will hopefully allow others to cut out the guess work and confusion involved with finding help in Los Angeles for a variety of life issues.  Any recommendations made here are made from personal experience and offered in the hopes that it helps the world grow more peaceful and wise.

Visit her Animal Medicine Cards Blog to schedule a reading.