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Free Tai Chi Class Burbank Glendale

Try a free Tai Chi Class in Burbank/Glendale.  I teach martial arts and tai chi classes at the Pa Kua studio in Burbank.  These classes will develop a more relaxed, alert, and toned body and mind.  Tai Chi is a moving meditation of martial arts techniques that study the nature of conflict and how to move through obstacles in the most peaceful and productive way.  These morning classes are perfect complements to each other and are for all experience levels.  Pa Kua classes focus on discovering our personal best even as our best changes from day-to-day.  

To achieve our life goals we must create space within ourselves for clear, objective thinking.  Without space, we become crowded in our minds and this leads to reactionary, unpredictable behavior.  When we take time each week to put down our goals and obligations and clear a space for ourselves to just be as we are, we improve our attention and responsiveness to life challenges.  We are able to see more accurately where we are in relation to where we want to be and how best to proceed.  We are also able to take a rest from constantly wanting and seeking that which is just out of reach.  A weekly martial arts and tai chi practice cultivates a neutral, peaceful and spacious mind.  Space is the key to finding solutions to issues that may evade us.  These classes bring more space to your day. Sign up today for a free Tai Chi Class in Burbank/Glendale!


Martial Arts/Self Defense

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“Martial” means conflict.  “Art” is an act of creative expression for its own beauty.  Martial Arts is the study and practice of conflict for creative, life-affirming purposes.  There is no way to avoid the conflicts inherent in living life.  There is only navigating those challenges well and conserving energy.  These martial arts classes do not focus on physical athleticism.  Our focus is on relaxation and observation of our abilities as those abilities change from day to day.  With a relaxed mind and body, we can achieve physical skills beyond our wildest expectations!  Martial Arts is for EVERYONE!

Pa Kua Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class Glendale Burbank

WEDNESDAYS @ 8:30 am


“Tai” means great extreme and “Chi” means energy.  Tai chi is the study of big energy.  It is the study of the yin/yang symbol and how to walk the middle, curving path between the two inherent extremes of life.  Tai Chi is a slow, meditative martial art.  It is an essential complement to any martial arts study but is also a tremendous resource to enhance any life goals.  Learning to relax while in motion builds powerful and effective responses to life situations.  In this class, we study how to pursue a peaceful path.

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