If a picture speaks a thousand words, a symbol speaks a thousand pictures! Card reading is a powerful healing tool you can use at any time to regain clarity on any issue. It is also a fun, easy way to improve communication with all the people in your life, including yourself! Join us and learn a highly effective tool for daily inner guidance.

In this workshop we will discover:

how to focus questions in a constructive way

how to interpret the cards meanings based on a specific personal situation

how to offer insight to others based on the animal symbols they draw

how to work with different layouts and card spreads 

We will discuss a variety of decks but will focus primarily on the Animal Medicine Cards by David Carson and Jamie Sams. Animal Medicine Cards are an indigenous approach to discovering personal power through the ways of nature.



About the instructor:

Jessica Hagan is the founder and director of the Urban Healer’s meetup. She discovered Animal Medicine Cards in the early 90’s and has been teaching people how to use this elegant system of archetypes ever since.  She has studied the art of card reading with Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer at the Omega Institute and alternative healing methods since the age of 18 with energy healer Cyndi Dale.  She is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher who has studied the work of Peter Levin, Donna Eden, Kristen Neff, and David Gordon since 2008 as well as the Celtic Healing Breath technique at the Awareness Center in Pasadena.

To learn more about Jessica visit: www.otteronarock.com