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Chinese Reike – Chien Chi Kua Practitioner – Los Angeles 

In Chinese – Chien means Sky. Chi means Energy.  And Kua means Change.  So Chien Chi Kua is the study of how sky energy changes, which is to say, how the physical aspects of life shifts into and out of existence.  

The physical body does not cause us pain. It is not the bones, muscles, or tendons that are causing the pain.  They are the receiver of pain which originates from an energetic disharmony. The pain or symptoms we feel are the results of an energetic, mental/emotional process.  The causes of pain originate from a non-physical dimension of energy which can be observed in our mood and thoughts, but only if we quiet down and become still.  When we scrutinize the bones, tendons, blood, or organs to find explanations for ailments we only address symptoms and do not locate the causes.  If we look only to the material world for solutions to problems that are energetic in nature, we will search forever. The practice of Chien Chi Kua validates and observes the role that energy plays in the conditions of our life. 

Chien Chi Kua is a gentle, compassionate, non-invasive approach to studying the relationship between potential energy and physical matter, between the quality of our thoughts and the quality of our life experiences.  It is the study of how things come into being and how things shift out of existence.  Looking at the nature of our internal (metaphysical) energy state in relation to our physical situation in life is an essential part of healing any injuries or illnesses we may have as well as maintaining a preventative approach to wellness.   

The ancient cultures of China recognized that you are your own best healing source because only you can know yourself completely.  Anyone assisting you on your healing journey serves you best by becoming an empty, reflective space for you to see yourself more clearly and discover your own path through the challenge you are facing.  A doctor or healer is a mirror, not a problem solver.  This is why in a Chinese Reike session (chien chi kua session), the practitioner becomes a hollow channel to receive and transfer what is known as Sky energy to the recipient.

Sky energy is the name Eastern cultures use to describe what Western science calls the metaphysical dimension. Meta means “before” so metaphysical is that which comes before the physical.  Western science studies the physical aspects of reality.  It measures and classifies the finite, repeatable, unchanging facts of physical life.  Eastern science studies the metaphysical aspect of reality, which is to say, it studies the random, variable, and constantly changing aspects of physical life.  Reality is both physical and metaphysical- changing and unchanging.  

When a health issue emerges into our life, it is the physical consequence of unaddressed energetic imbalances that originates in our mental/emotional (non-physical) field. Chien Chi Kua (Chinese Reike) addresses the non-physical (energetic) aspects of an ailment since that is where the roots of the issue lie.   Discovering those imbalances is an art and a science.  It is a conversation and a meditation with reality beyond our conscious perceptions.

Good science is the ability to ask questions even when the culture or our own limited logic advises against doing so.  All major scientific discoveries were made by people who braved the doubting (even hostile) cultures of their times and asked seemingly irrational questions about life.  Innovation and progress requires questioning our perceptions and discovering the obstacles caused by social conditioning.  Reality is much more than we are able to logically understand.  Reality is an infinite field of discovery.  A true scientist is able to hold the mind in a state of open curiosity and uncertainty.  Curiosity leads to Truth.  Discovering and accepting what is true releases chronic pain and brings lasting relief.  

Have a health issue you’d like a new perspective on? Try Chien Chi Kua – Chinese Reike energy healing to shift the mental/emotional patterns involved.  In this Chien Chi Kua session, we will look at the nature of your internal energy state in relation to your physical situation.  We will speak a bit about the issue as you understand it and then we will work silently with biomagnetic energy in the hands and body.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Please do not wear tight pants or shirts.  

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I am a Chinese Reike – Chien Chi Kua Practitioner in Los Angeles.  I study and work at the World Pa Kua Martial Arts and Health Studio.  As part of my training, I am currently offering free Chien Chi Kua healing sessions on Fridays at 1 pm in Burbank. In this session, we will discuss any health issues you would like to address and then we will work with what the Pa Kua tradition calls Sky Energy to gain a larger awareness of the situation causing the imbalance. This session lasts about an hour but it is helpful to also have an extra free hour afterward to relax and absorb the interaction.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

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