About Jess

Martial Arts Meetup

I am an instructor at the World Pa Kua Studio in Burbank California where I study Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Archery, Edged Weapons, Yoga, and Chinese Energy Medicine in the Pa Kua (Bagua) traditions.  I am also a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor who has trained in the Awareness Center Healing Program for releasing trauma.  I study somatic healing methods and Family Constellation healing with Stephan Hausner and Francesca Mason Boring.  I learned the art of card reading as a therapeutic tool for introspection with Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York.  I also study Lakota teachings with the Descendants of the Earth community in California.

I have discovered that medicine is a way… a movement, not an object to be consumed.  To overcome a life challenge we must move through it.  Physical exercise is one of the essential ingredients for creating wellness.  When exercise and training is balanced with discussion and communication we are able to navigate the curves on our path and stay connected to the adventure that is our life journey. Working with a variety of tools both ancient and modern, I offer life guidance and energy healing sessions, in Los Angeles, California to help people move productively through their life struggles and locate peace.  


Jess Hagan World Pa Kua Martial Arts