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Chien Chi Kua - Energy Healing 90 Minute Session

All physical issues originate in the mental/emotional energy field and it is very helpful to address the non-physical aspects of an ailment. LEARN MORE

Power Animal Life Guidance 90 Minute Session

Working with writing prompts, card deck imagery and easy conversation, we investigate the thought patterns behind a health issue or life goal.  LEARN MORE


Health and wellness need community and weekly practice. I offer yoga, tai chi, and martial arts classes in Burbank, California.  Come try your first class free!  LEARN MORE

Healing Arts Blog

Healing Arts Blog

The tools for navigating the stresses of life are all around us and are available when we need help most.  Ask and it is given!  Here is a resource for health and wellness wherever you may live

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Hi, I’m Jess,  

I believe that the tools for navigating the stress of life should be affordable and available when you need help most.  I offer energy healing sessions, life guidance counseling, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Martial Arts classes in Los Angeles, California.  LEARN MORE