Online Life Guidance and Counseling

Wherever you may be- there is always help.

Online Life Guidance and Counseling

Online Life Guidance and Counseling


Don’t stay frustrated.

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels regarding a life goal, I’d like to help.

Clarity is not achieved in isolation.

Introspection is the bravest and most important endeavor anyone can undertake in life.

We must constantly navigate the shifts and curves that want to push us off our true path in life.  Come talk through your goals and struggles.  Find objective, compassionate support to discover new perspectives to life challenges.  Learn a variety of healing tool for life guidance. 

I offer life guidance and support for people seeking objective and compassionate assistance in achieving a life goal.  Through a blend of somatic exercises, creative conversation, imagery card work, and other healing tools, I help people navigate the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges we all face on life’s winding path.


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